Emergency Recovery Trolley for disable persons

Functional characteristics

Emergency Recovery Trolley for disable travelers designed for underground services in entirely made with a light metal alloy. It is easy to assemble and use and can be used to carry up to two non-walking (disabled) persons at the same time. Four safety belts are provided to ensure the safety of disabled person during the journey. The trolley is equipped with a brake on the wheels which can only be released manually.
Weights and sizes
Weight of the supporting structure kg 45
Upper floor weight kg 40
Supporting structure size mm 1550x1580x430
Upper floor size mm 2000x1320x90
Trolley closed max size mm 2000x1580x430
Open trolley max size mm 2000x1580x1350
Package size mm 2200x1900x450
Max load allowed kg 200
Note: On request we may supply a container to store the trolley in the closed position. The container may be installed on the quay of the underground stations.